Purpose, Vision & Value Strategy

Purpose :

To bring that extra inch of health, happiness and wealth into every one’s life from home improvement products and into their daily business activities from the collaboration.


We partner to create wealth with health & happiness for generations



Ensuring we deliver what we promise


Transparency – Conduct all business operations and activities with clarity & honesty

Total happiness

Ensuring that: from start to end - both the importers and their clients experience hassle free and enjoyable relationship through out entire life cycle, be it a product or working together. Ultimately ensure to attain fullest purpose of life and business.

Together forever

Ensuring that we follow natural and sustainable international business standard practices & relationships developed in this process are long lasting for all stake holders.

Thank you

Sincere gratitude towards all stake holders for their contribution, efforts, commitments into fulfilling collaboration’s purpose, vision and value; and make it a reality for each and every part of value chains. And Big Thank you for everything.

Strategy – How  do we plan and execute


  • Increase global foot print through strategic trade partners– Significant presence in most continents.
  • Sustainable model and performance – Adhere to standard international trade practices. Deliver long term sustainable performance for all stake holders’ benefits.
  • Be more and more digital: Along with journey, build system based on standardization of best practices & by optimal use of technology in enhancing customer service/ experience and agile responses.
  • Continuously enhance product portfolio: Horizonal and vertical expansion of product portfolio & keep it relevant all time.
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